Diabetic Foot Care Specialist

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Diabetic Foot Care services offered in Tooele and West Valley City, UT

If you’re one of the 37.3 million Americans with diabetes, you need to pay special attention to the health of your feet. At The Foot Clinic in Tooele, and West Valley City, Utah, Richard Luke Jones, DPM, offers complete diabetic foot care services on-site. He performs routine foot exams and customizes a care plan to lower your risk for open wounds, infections, neuropathy, and other diabetes-related foot complications. To schedule a diabetic foot care consultation, call the office today or book a consultation online.

Diabetic Foot Care Q & A

Why do I need diabetic foot care?

If you have diabetes, you can benefit from the diabetic foot care services available at The Foot Clinic. Dr. Jones has experience in diagnosing and treating conditions that can affect the feet, especially if your diabetes isn’t well controlled.

When you have diabetes and your body doesn’t produce enough insulin to regulate your blood sugar levels, it can lead to neuropathy (nerve damage). Damage to the nerves in your legs can cause numbness that makes it difficult to feel cuts or other injuries in your feet.

As a result, you can end up with painful wounds that increase your risk for serious infections and the death of tissue.

What’s involved in diabetic foot care?

To care for your feet and protect them from diabetes-related damage, Dr. Jones offers comprehensive diabetic foot care services, including:

  • Routine foot evaluations
  • Toenail trimming
  • Wound care
  • Corn and callus removal

Dr. Jones can also recommend lifestyle changes that you can make to lower your risk factors for neuropathy and other complications of diabetes. He teaches you how to check your feet regularly for cuts, cracks, and signs of poor blood circulation, so you can identify potential issues in the earliest stages.

What can I expect during a diabetic foot care evaluation?

During your initial diabetic foot care evaluation, Dr. Jones spends time learning more about your overall health and your treatment plan for diabetes.

He performs an exam of your feet, checking for sores or discoloration. Dr. Jones also evaluates your toenails to ensure you’re trimming them properly and not at risk for ingrown toenails.

If you have corns or calluses, Dr. Jones can remove them during an in-office procedure. If you have any slow-healing cuts or open wounds, he cleans them with an antiseptic and applies bandages to prevent infection. You can expect to need routine foot checks to monitor wound healing and ensure your feet are healthy.

You should always wear shoes that fit well and wash and dry your feet daily. Dr. Jones can also recommend a moisturizer to prevent cracked and dry skin that can increase your risk for infection.

If you have diabetes, schedule a diabetic foot care evaluation online or call The Foot Clinic office today.